The jumping spider

THe Australian jumping spider
No bigger than a grain of rice
Gets stoked up and thinks he is ready
To meet a lady if she’s nice
Life for him is precious
But his liason here
Its all together different
For its tempered with fear

An unsuccessful suitor
If he turns out to be
For sure he will be gobbled up
Just like some enemy
When he actually meets her
It will be a surprise
She will ambush him from the back
And he may realise

His chance to mate to dream to be
Is to dance for all his worth
To display his special banner
A peacock fan such mirth
And reverie and joyousness
Beginning his routine
He may do this for fifty nights
And tell her she’s his queen

Only then will she engage
Her sexual prowess high
She will always call the shots
Underneath the sky
He may believe he is Don Juan
And she is his to hold
But after she is done with him
She proves to him how cold

She is towards his ardour
She does it all in play
Pounces and sticks her amazing tongue
And sucks his life away
Gobbles him up completely
He Exhausted from the stress
But will now provide her babies
With nutrition more or less

The Australian jumping spider
No bigger than a grain
Really patriarchy
It just doesn’t gain
The kind of popularity
Not With the spider clan
You are on call to give your all
But you lose your peacock fan

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