Above us all
The cover our protection
Its the sky
The philosophy of existence
Which is why
We look up to the heavens
In our times of need
Undeniably rejoicing
In the hope we can succeed

Above all else the colours
Of the clouds the substance
The home of many rainbows
The core from where our air
Fuels our inner being
Encourages us to see
And meet each other
We here tagged
The facebook family

Survivors vegan we enduring
Carnivoral crimes
The killing of our animals
The writing of our rhymes
Enduring so much cruelty
But fighting it with heart
Upon this mortal coil we meet
And somehow we all start

We look up to the sky above
Oblivion beyond
Visions of the hereafter
We together form a bond
Of friendhip in the ether
Those misty veils within
Tangible and palpable
A universal skin

Phenomenal and essentially
Something we all see
Important in so many ways
Our intrinsicality
A doorway through to outer space
A stage where time is set
An opportunistic dreamworld
And we are in its debt

The planets hang precariously
So relevant they be
They guide our inner feelings
And actually they free
Us, all of us we look up
And ofcourse course we know
The polarities and the opposites
And how really we grow

Its enormousness is obvious
Wide ranging and far flung
A cosmic mass of relevance
Across the board among
Us all the protecting angels
The animals in our sight
Together we are incredible
Under the sky tonight.

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