Free range and battery
Thats who we are
Wild as the wind
Or penned up real far
From the nearest farmyard
Over the hill
Down by the lake
Its there where they kill

The turkeys the geese the chickens
The ducks the pigs and the lambs
Christmas it sucks
Ripping our feathers
Tearing our guts
Breaking our necks
In these cheap little huts

Guinea fowl corn fed wild salmon too
Nothing is sacred the carnivores chew
On babies on their eggs sup milk and chew meat
No wonder in summer they suffer the heat

Rip out our guts shove herbs under our skin
Stuff us with sausage meat
Let me begin
We are encouraged to pipe down and say
Please shut your gob or we will blow you away
Turkeys are beautiful lively and strong
We walk with an edge its because we belong
Colourful truly our heads kind of weird
But when they chop them off we are then cleared
Of all thats related externally
And then rubbed in salt its our fault obviously

Our agony obvious we reach your hell
What fat is burnt off our peculiar smell
Is regarded as wonderful sizzle and be
Golden to brown is now how they see
Our sinews were pulled like dodo ‘s thats us
Lost to the world just left to discuss
Our guts in the bin our souls in the sky
No wish bone for us it would be a lie
To suggest we were happy to perish this way
Hung drawn and quartered and roasted today
Stuffed full of pigmeat with onions and sage
When honestly folks we had not reached an age

Worthy of creation children in fact
Fed loads of drugs antibiotics were stacked
Up in our bodies to protect you from ill
Kept in the shit yes we had our fill
Life was unsanitary down on the farm
The pills they were given to keep you from harm
And the infections preclude you from health
You have been vaxxed it was all done by stealth

The meat trade is rolling in profit and pain
Millions of innocent all died in vain
Many cooked badly left now bereft
Of flavour and form yes we are left
To be moaned at for being lost to the world
Sizzling hot in the pan we were hurled
Cooked with potatoes stuffed around our feet
With a picture of jesus So incomplete
There to be seen on the mantlepiece where
The spirits of trillions are laced with despair

Christmas has cometh for girlies and boys
Santa the fat sod who doesnt bring toys
They are from China a corporate trick
Brought here by those all incredibly sick
With bloody great bank accounts bursting again
With sadness and slavery its one great chain
The poor how they struggle just to make ends meet
And death and destruction has reached to your street

So eat up our corpses you munchers of ill
Eat your brussel sprouts and buttery fill
Get sozzled on vino cholesterol too
And when you feel pissed sweat it out in the loo
If you are driving later tonight
Watch in the mirror for the blue light
Blow in their bag job to be told that you
Are over the limit and for some that is true

Vegans together rejoice once again
Not one of you has caused any pain
All that compassion and true empathy
Goes down in the great book thats where you be
Nut roasts and curries such tasty fayre
This was the group of the very aware

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