When it comes to knowledge and communication the Inuit remain part of it all

Dream worlds comes from far way
The eternal life force day to day
Whatever tribe inhabits earth
Each communicates with avid worth
Some imagine they have reached
A higher echelon and have breached
Consciousness and out beyond
Wherever but Do they respond?

All the wild tribes communicate
The seagulls Ya which can spell the fate
Of the herring shoals in their ball like mass
The fishermen reach a morass
Throw their nets expecting to
Make a years wages in one day
And some do
White sided dolphins they to be
Helping each other and hopefully
The huge sperm whales
Their attention span
Is vast each blast
Will conquer man

The inuit hearing every voice
Ancestrally they have the choice
The seagulls “Ya”they hear it, we
See the melee on the sea
See the sperm whales create their ring
Knows the herring that does bring
Wants a share and understands
Why the herring come in bands

To lay their eggs upon the shore
On kelp forest maybe more
The inuit pull hemlock they
Dump the bushes in their way
Soft fronds floating on the sea
Attract the herring now who be
Leaving their myriad jewels around
Hopefully some will be found

The inuit pull up the trees
The hemlock branches and it does please
For the branches they are laden down
With herring eggs an amazing crown
Which Will be shared out to the family who
Will eat the protein all winter through

The indigenous people of the world
From Thousands of years yes they were hurled
Into the maelstrom of life on earth
And we must remember their awesome worth
Sophisticated may be not
But are able and wild, never missing the spot
They communicate with the gulls yes “Ya”
They see in the sky every shooting star
They talk with the wolves and they understand
Who are the rulers of the land

They the protectors of us all
Their enquiring minds always on call
Perception extra sensory
Intuitiveness instinctively
Mindful of the world around
And able to tell from every sound
Amenable never naive
Simple souls who just believe
Enlightenment and true insight
Omniscent and so in the light.

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