In our darkest hours our need for life is extraordinary

Is this to be our end on earth
Your insufferable farewell
More than flesh and blood can stand
A bridge too far and Hell
We gave so much yet we are left
Harassed and alone
Treated with unpleasantness
And basically all thrown

Into a smelly dumpster
Your hatefulness it sucks
Such trials and tribulations
Every trend it bucks
The indignity is an affront
To creation and the true
Meaning of salvation
Doing what you do

We are females spent and lonely
Its hideous to feel
Unwanted and obnoxious
Its disgustingly so real
Crushing and prostrating
Heartbreaking to us all
It really is deplorable
As each one of us does fall

You raped us and you scolded us
You beat us with iron rods
You made us lay in gestation crates
All of you were sods
You killed our tiny babies
Who we had carried and we had fed
You abused us all our lives infact
And many of us are dead

Or lame or sick and feeling
Ghastly and alone
Its appallingly obvious
Now ofcourse its known
You are treating us like throw aways
Our tolerance no more
Rubbing salt into our wounds
Its harrowing for sure

In Our final hours more torture
The meat trade’s colour are
As graceless and as ugly
In our squalor yes you scar
Our haggardness our fading beauty
Your odious intent
Ravaging our very souls
Life just upped and went

You are our abomination
The nausea we all feel
The rancour and acrimony
How could it appeal
Most have died lamenting
A few still waiting here
Unloved by any human
Denounced and left in fear

Do we feel your anger
Your sternness not at all
What we feel is sorrow
We are answering our call
We have no place for wrathfulness
Fast leaving this vile hole
Yes we are offended
To end up with this role

Of purely suppurating
In your evil intent
Your viciousness was evident
Your balefulness it went
Through our hearts
And it lets us feel
The horror in your soul
That you showed us your infernal self
With ghouls that now control

We close our eyes such malice
Showed by you we shall forget
Clearly human carnivores
Are building so much debt
Your cancers and your vile diseases
Will never go away
For you eat so many angels
And for that yes you must pay

I make no excuses for the content
The meat trade are and always will be a vile bunch
Of inhumane ghouls

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