Dressed to kill

Illegal fox hunting
Is against the law
They sweep down the high street
Whats it all for

The hounds in our gardens
all doing their thing
Chasing a wild fox
Hoping to bring

It down so the hounds
can tear it to bits
These so called guardians
Clearly all twits

Bugger off
thats an idea
Their rascality
Is obviously clear

And their skullduggery
They think they are posh
Looking down on us they
With their criminal gang
On his bike this i say

Where are the coppers
Mrs Mays boys
You cant find one
when you want one
However much noise

They ride down the high street
Clippety clop
All dressed to kill
The fox scarpers, what

These bloody ruffians
How come they get
Away with their crimes
They really are wet

Tsnked up on fino
Arrested why not?
And chucked in the slammer
But nobody got

Arrested How can they
where are the law
Rampaging through the streets
Now more and more

And its on video
We all have phones
But unless there are injuries
Or broken bones

Nobody cares
Mrs Mays seen to that
Nod nod wink wink
Thats where we are at

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