Borroloola and fracking

They consider us voiceless
But we all have a heart
We all have spirit
Our wish is to impart
On the goverment here
And the fracking concerns
That this is our land
And this fracking well burns

Us all, everyone of us
Our culture our life
Just short of 1000 but
Your kind of strife
Will ruin our water
Will ruin us all
And the spirits of ancestors
Now they all call

To us in our dreamtime
That it cannot be
We are single minded
And have tenacity
From Arnhem to the great living desert
You feel
You want to frack on
For the gas it is real

Mataronka springs and our water around
With so much uncertainty what we have found
Is everyone here wants you now off our land
That you poke around here we dont understand
We are spurning your help
We are rebuffing it all
Declining the drilling
Dismissing your call

This is our land every clod it belongs
To us in our waking hours and in our songs
We are fighting and will not give up oh no
It is an outrage and our fight will grow
The iniquitous fracking is destruction galore
Injurious industry that does abhor

The sleazy the slovenly tarnished and stained
When our water is polluted nothing is gained
Contagion and flesh eating bugs they will come
We dont want this shit and we bang on each drum
Play on our didges and make you lot see
This is our land for an eternity

Fracking is dangerous its an omen so dark
We have premonitions we know just how stark
This drilling for gas is and what it will do
To our family and friends we know what is true
The bush will be desolate all life will go
Just a dirty great industrial pad and on show
The shit and the tailings the methane the gas
The gathering storm that will come in on mass

Dont promise us labour
Dont blot out our air
Dont fuck with our water
You shouldnt be there
Or here or aroundabout
No where that we
Frackers are not welcome
We dont want to see

Your frack pads and drills
The vibrations and noise
The trucks with their heavy wheels
There are no joys
For us aborigines you have no right
This is our land so we going to fight


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