Tag me a Roo killer

Superior airs and graces
Puts them through their paces
Scorn and much disdain
And derision is their gain
Unworthiness and puerility
Contemtible for all to see
Consider beneath one
And ignore
To underrate and what is more

To have moved on to a higher state
Than the piltdown man who wasnt great
Lived in caves a hunter he
Killed dinosaurs out wandering free
But now lives in a city scape
Uses the market and is not the shape
Of the hunter gatherer anymore
And constantly knocks on the butchers door

So why the hell does he think its right
To go out in the dead of night
Headlights beaming rifle cocked
And hit a roo that might have locked
Its self on feeding for its joey too
Who Is tucked inside its pouch all new
Along with a pinky poor little soul
Who loses its mother as she does roll

Over shot through the face thats it
Clearly the shooter he wasn’t fit
He should have been firing his gun at males
But he and his sight is off the rails
He has missed the male and a mother falls
Her babies will die we hear their calls
Thats three lives lost cos a crosseyed git
Took aim alas but his shot was shit

He gets a real lambasting from me
Go to Woolworths in the bush you be
Out of your depth beyond the pale
You karping niggling ozzie male
I am unimpressed with shooting you
It is unflattering what you do
I denigrate the space you are in
All your excuses are wearing thin

Its pure dishonesty on your part
Nothing comes from out of your heart
You are not impartial in what you do
And you are elevated thats my view
Self praise your on your ego trip
Self seeking geek so you let rip
Killed a female with her young
And another bullet went through her lung

Then you stomped on the joeys head
From under your boot a stream of red
That was a harmless little roo
That hadnt done a thing to you
Its guiltlessness was manifest
Upon its soul it had been blessed

So you cut off her legs and the bushy tail
Your dirty knife a swig of ale
You shouldnt be drinking and driving lad
Thats why you missed and what we had
Instead of red male was this grey
And so a joey you killed today
No remorse just an ugly mug
An unrepenting ugly bug

You get a hard on doing your thing
You unspiritual wally who doesn’t bat
An eyelid not a care at all
Just an overindulgent bit of a fool
Guzzling gorging a binge a day
A mother roo has passed away
Your licking your lips you drooling git
If its promiscuity you are it

Macropods the iconic ones
They cannot stand up to the night time guns
Meat and leather their down fall
A market for both their lives on call
It is unlawful to shoot away
Where are your tags at the end of the day
So you are a hunter and breach the law
But nobody knows which is why I am sore

No punishment coming its heads you win
Tails we lose you men of sin
And doubt what its about you know
Illegal hunting which is a blow
A psychiatric man of war
Who does not know what he is out here for
Apart from murder flesh and blood
In real terms something of a dud
Who oversteps his station and
May end up in the sinking sand

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