Trained accredited harvesters and Science being used

The path that they seem to be following
Is away from the CAFO to
The it feels right, and sustainable
To now do what we do

We have our indigenous animals
Soft footed kangaroo’s
Wild and who range in the most gentle way
That appears mostly the views

Of the so called blooming experts
Paid by the great Meat Trade
Who are now up against the graziers
The cattle and sheep brigade

Heavy footed grazers
Damaging the soil
Tearing up the grasses
And making our blood boil

Selling the meat of the local soul
Seems the thing to do
Importing beef and lamb is wrong
Most are clueless to

All this long distance buying
And what they want to do
Is kill more local animals
Which is easily best for you

They dress it all up in videos
Everything is clean
Sanitized the killing verbs
Where ever the shooters have been

The paid for tags they are using
The aerial surveys
Count the first few hundred
Then extrapolate and it pays

For then you can kill a million more
Males and mostly they
Are bigger and heavier
And So no joeys
Thats to be the way

Going forward for Australia
land of marsupials who
Bounce about on their hind legs
Yes Thats what Kangaroo’s do

So whats all this about joeys
Collateral damage to boot
If they are bomping off babies
They are killing females to suit

Themselves christ and thats if you ask me
These so called trained experts appear
Not to discern male from female
The joeys thing it is so clear

So its cut out the sheep and the cattle
And kill off more red kangaroo’s
Cheaper and fresher and more local wild
So what is there now that we lose

Home grown home harvested good for the land
Perfectly sustainable too
Trained and accredited harvesters
And science its what we must do

The land cannot take sheep and cattle
The plantlife it really cant cope
Poor fragile soils and a hot sun that boils
Really at this rate no hope

So whats to become of the roo whom we love
More leather footballs perhaps
More fillet steaks and more burger breaks
But keep all this stuff underwraps

Lie through your teeth about roo’s in the mix
The wild souls so good for our land
Kill them and export them to Russia
And places where they understand

Wild is much better than cafo’s
The great concentration now where
Animals get antibiotics
And a lifetimes of actual despair

As for the home grown alternative
Really it must be good news
Murdering iconic beautiful souls
You got it folks the Kangaroo’s

Dont believe all the lies they are telling
Its all about profit and they
Are heartless and shameless and so lost for words
Making the kangaroo’s pay

CAFO concentrated animal feed operation

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