When the tastebuds slip a knot
And lose their ability to know
What is passing between the lips
Helping folk to grow

That is when your joy in life
Peters out for good
That is when the extremes you came to love
Nobody could

Imagine it the liver is clearly shot away
Fucked up by the National Health
That really makes you pay
With its cytotoxic nonsense
The pills you take each day
The little yellow buggers
That drive real taste away

Not even chocolate tastes nice
Everythings the same
Methotrexate came along
And its claim to fame

Its Whats sickening your body
And making your liver go
Completely bloody terrible
And so out of the flow

Bouts of indigestion
And nausea to boot
The light it makes you whoozy
Nothing you eat does suit

Sleep is like a curtain you pull
And realise
Although the sky is very blue
Night is your disguise

Everything you are given
Has a very funny taste
Even the beer they chilled right here
It has never graced

Anybody’s tonsils
Just a bitter camphor smell
That drifts into your aura
And transports you to hell.

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