Stonehenge and its mysteries

A succession of people
Devided in time
Look back on this monument
Most in their prime
Consider the theories
warranting thought
Their energies meaningful
And clearly sought

They stare at prehistory’s
Workings and feel
How has it happened
No one had the wheel
Revealing this fact
How could stones
Ever be
Moved and erected
So perfectly

Great Sand stone sarsens
And blue stones were used
How did they do that
Most have refused
To admit to themselves
It would be hard today
So how did they actually
Work out a way

And why on a chalk plain
Near Salisbury it seems
The ditch and the bank
The alignment whose dreams
Worked all this out
At the end of the day
What was its purpose
But fewer woukd say

Mark Parker Pearson
Was right up to date
From London Uni
And he couldnt wait
He wanted to examine
The cremated bones
That Hawley reburied
For all the unknowns

He was convinced
Technology could
answer those questions
Still midunderstood

He wanted to see
Or try to find out
Who built all this
And what was it about

They were under a plaque
In a pit In the ground
And duly got permission
And of course when he found
Hawleys ancient bone fragments
Just in a hole
He cursed for a moment
But knew that his role

Was to examine these fragments
And work out who they
Were everyone at the end of the day
Further examination of the pit
Found crushing of chalk
Where something might sit
It turned out to be the presili blue
Stones that were here first
A ring good and true

So originally there had been
A blue stone ring
It was later the sarsen
Stones people did bring
And they were erected
Stone henge had begun
With its solstice alignments
To the midwinter sun

Some 50,000 fragments of bone
All sorts a great mix
How could he have known
Undaunted they took them all back yo the lab
And examined them carefully
There on the slab

Ear bones and skull parts
Were identified
Cat scanning some of them
It was discovered they were
Male and female

In real terms, the green
Plain and the ruins
And he recalled
William Hawley the cremated bones
That were hauled
Into sandbags and buried
Under a plaque
So his team decided
To get them back

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