The path down to the place
We first met
Just around that bend
A harvest celebration
She became my first real friend

Leaves were falling all around
The blush the flush the scarlet rush
A hot and firery end
She, red-haired rose coloured glasses
Dress of fuchsia hue
We walked together often there
When our love was true

Just visualise her beauty
Her acuity for she
Called me to attention
So engrossed and free
To feel the strong emphatic wealth
Of colour all around
Never muted or discreet
She just lit up the ground

Her beauty was beyond a dream
Wherever she did go
This is the path where we first met
And I love it so
She brightened up my every hour
Her auric veil complete
With so much understanding
But she loved eating meat

And I yes was a vegan
Had been that way for years
Everytime I walked with her
I recollect her tears
She knew how much i loved to be
On that very bend
She Realised we couldnt be together
That it must end

And it did
Though i still go back down the path
Hoping she might
have become a vegan
Bathing in pure light

Thoughts of a picture i saw on twitter
That culminated in these thoughts

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