PIccadilly in Westminster
South of Mayfair which is where
The embassy of Japan sits
And in taiji port of despair
For dolphins and porpoise
And pilot whales
Cetaceans captured and trained
Many cut to ribbbons
Their precious blood then drained

Out into the ocean
Leaving the evil fishermen
With their improbity
Slave traders that is all they are
And the arrogant they run
Full of vile venality
Corruption by the tonne

Us protestors go there
Megaphones ablaze
Shout our blooming heads off
And the banner waving craze
The cops will try and kettle us
But when we get the chance
We get across to the middle
And there we shout and dance

Taiji does the awful thing
Captures pods of souls
Splits the babies the juveniles
Using its controls
Actually takes the mothers
Away then sometimes they
Take the babies back to die
Out there in the bay

Those babies will be shark bait
That Friends is TAIJI
Slave traders personified
And I hate them personally

2 comments on “Protestors

  1. So true..we hate them too Reg..such evil ..

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