Its out there and its happening
And everyones involved
Plastic bags and bottles
Can the problem be solved
It gets into the ocean
It gets into the whales
Its gets into the turtles
Trails and trails and trails

All along the beaches
On the coming tide
The seabirds are now foraging
Everywhere it hides
Oil based vile pollution
Perhaps our greatest threat
Trillions of tonnes of plastic waste
And we are in its debt

Marine life and cetaceans
Are suffering like hell
Its mistaken for jelly fish
But it is no magick spell
Once its in the ocean
It is there 500 years
Fragmenting into pieces
And causing lots of tears

Fish thst we are eating
Are loaded with this stuff
So we are eating plastic ourselves
Enoughs enough
Microplastic is everywhere
Its in our guts and throats
The currents take it everywhere
And its jettisoned off Boats

Coca cola and pepsi churn these bottles out
And many will reach the ocean
And thats without a doubt
Single use the plastic wrap
In our super stores
Gets into the rubbish sacks
And ends up on our shores

We drink it in 10 minutes
And then its thrown away
It blows around the environment
But its not going to decay
Not in any of our life times
Its ugly rotten stuff
And most is never recycled
Yea its really tough

Plastic bags are being banned
And surely they ought to be
They look just like a jelly
When they are in the sea
Many a whale is dying
With its stomach full we hear
With plastic webbing and netting
Oh Its very very clear

Unless we stop this nonsense
Stop throwing it away
Somehow stop the corporates
Making us all pay
Probably we are finished
The cetaceans are as well
For on this pleasant planet
We have created HELL.

One comment on “Plastics

  1. Maria Fernada da Silve Maia on said:

    Thank you dear Rex, beautiful and so true, you always bright my day!

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