OUR MP’s and pain

Physical sensitivity
For them its rather hard
Awareness of the people
They are morally on guard
Responsive they are hardly that
Alive, debatable
They are very much robotic
And untranslatable

As for voters they are seen
As wholly insentient when they
Actually put their crosses
On voting sheets and pay
For being so unintelligent
Hypnotized maybe
Thick skinned and impassive
When they are anything but free

Brainwashed and pathetic
Lost in a digital maze
Unhearing and oblivious
Excited by the praise
Distanced now from nature
Custodians of sin
With Many broken families
Composting in the bin

What chance have the animals
Their Liberation lost
Taken from their wild domains
That has been the cost
Transferred into cages
Their lives run by some zoo
And Murdered in their trillions
and very very few

Given any credence
Accepted that they feel
Perceptual and conscious
They are not seen as real
MP’s are objectionable
Arrogant and sold
On telling voters packs of lies
Thats what I have been told

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