NO 2 Pound Street

This lovely corner premises
Has individuality
Real and actual
an oasis offering
Peace and calm and soul
Its tangible and really is
A bar a shop a cafe
And its role

Is to offer a selection
Of fine cheeses
Wines all hand selected
And good beer
Service given generously
You can feel their ethos
As Sandwiches and lots of food appear

Independent a family business clearly
It really has an aura of delight
A genuiness and an authenticity
Inventive with its stock
It all feels right

A lot of thought
and I feel understanding
Transcending corporate products
On most streets
Much of what they sell
Classed as outstanding
It has Tables and chairs
And a number of bar seats

An infusion of the niceties
Fresh Coffee in the air
A melange of all things beautiful
And A lot of it is there
Theres a wholesomeness and a fullness
And so much integrity
And its all embracing
Its a gentle space to be

Brimful of seasonal goodies
Hampers to the fore
cheese boards listed expertly
And some lovely wines and more
There is order there is harmony
A uniqueness about it all
A hint of eccentricity
And an intimate recall

Wendover can be happy
It is an exciting place
There are some period properties
And a soft and charming face
A timelessness though constant
A market town of old
With a liveliness and vigour
Where endeavour just feels rolled

Up in all the places
And so with number Two
Pound street an exuberance
That just comes shining through
The “Grants” are the proprietors
Who have that edge and flair
Who produce their gastronomy
To anyone whose there

01296 585022

HP22 6EJ

Nicole and James Grant

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