I want you that is all of you
To really think it through
3 million highly social wild souls
Murdered by a crew
Of shooters some are licensed
Like James Bond was, but he
Was fiction, not so here
For here we really see
Them poleaxed the iconic ones
The beautiful kangaroo
Bounding through the outback
With babies which they do

Hunters well they call themselves hunters
But many know
They are really psychopaths
With nothing more to show
Than killing for the sake of it
Cutting down the frail
Eeking out a living
By going beyond the pale

Trucking through the outback
In the dead of night
Ambushing the wild ones
Who ofcourse take flight
Not all kills are head shots
So many die a death
Pumping through their agony
As they slowly lose their breath.

As joeys come and joeys go
Squashed squealing on the dust
A hunters boot what may suit
Ofcourse it does disgust
But then the trade in kangaroos
Is a murder trade and they
Are just collateral damage
In a wickedly honest way

Infanticide left in the bush
To die in a frightful way
Remember the baby and the dingo
Imagine the joeys they pay
A price and thus creation
Must stumble at the thought
Of hunters licensed degenerates
Calling these crimes sport

With no one to oversee or hear
The base game of roulette
Turned and they were burned
Inexorably the debt
To lost souls was enormous
The moment they took aim
Condemed them to becoming
Just part of the game

The abandonment of sanity
The capacity to kill
The pathetic awful reasoning
What is a heinous chill
That strikes the heart of many
Social creatures who
Live and breathe Australia
The beautiful Kangaroo

Words like harvested comes to mind
Spewed out by the meat trade
Trying to sanitize the killings
Coming to the aid
These animals are murdered
Their tiny babies too
Under the boots of the wicked
Some who maybe you

Or You may know some of these devils
Their spitefulness it will
Ofcourse come back to haunt us
Australians should chill
Should eat the murdered victims
What is the new green meat
Tainted by the villians
Whose contemptible retreat

Is injurious and malignant
Infectious yes it be
We tyrranize the innocent
We molest their dignity
Go green eat roo the maxim
A malady to those
As pathogens grow now tragically
Underneath our nose

Butchered on those filthy trucks
Watch and retch and spew
Its totally unwholesome
It lacks hygiene so to do
There are no codes of ethic
Out in the dead of night
With the their bodies hanging
On bloodied hooks
Nothing there is right

Hotels offering kangaroo
Boycott the buggers and quick
Russia and China have banned some shipments
Knowing they would be made sick
Karma there is no farmer
No husbandry around
These wild souls are simply murdered
And then sold off by the pound

On Australian shirts of yellow
The kangaroo sits I note
On Qantas on the wings that fly
And many more have wrote
How marvellous they are the Kangaroo
Yet shooters out at night
Are murdering them in cold blood
And all that is alright!

The harshness and the roughness
And the persecution they
All this loathsomeness
Will it ever go away
Their trials and tribulations
Their angst before they die
Their scalding searing injuries
As many of them lie
Bleeding out and screaming
The nauseous display
The burdensome the onerous
The harrassment each day

The indifference from some quarters
The total lack of zeal
The meat trade and the superstores
And the exporters who feel
There is profit to be made here
Despite the apathy
Despite the basic insouciance
For bush angels wild an free

No love lost for the activists
Hostility infact
Give them some of the loathing
See how they react
Bad blood and intolerance
Watch the tension grow
Get the government on our side
And see the exports flow

Be antagonistic be actively on call
To anyone protecting them
Anyone at all
Be hostile be unfriendly
For there is money to be made
Forget the animosity
They are the stock in trade

Well mates what we have to do
Is fight at every turn
Protect all our wild species
Just dont let them burn
Aloofness and standoffishness
And boycotts we can too
Facebook twitter poems songs
Lets us courteously win through

4 comments on “Kangaroo’s

  1. Cienwen Hickey on said:

    Another gut wrenching poem which cut out my heart. Thank you so much Rex for the work you do to help our desert angels.
    This one I have shared on my Face Book page and I’ll share it on out Kangawatch FB page also.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    We must never give up there are too many ignorant thoughtless people who have no concern whatsoever for the wild folk.its good we all work together
    To show our care and love for them

  3. marjie ware on said:

    it breaks my heart to think of what happens to these magnificent creatures,
    They are unique , loving , clever …i love them. I am ashamed to say i have4 a nephew who is licenced to kill!!

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