We are all its victims somewhere down the line

The unscrupulousness and opportunism
Of the ape smugglers who use
The vile palm oil destruction
And tragically refuse
To realise their artfulness
Their crookedness their shame
For getting mixed up in illicit wildlife
As if it was a game

Ofcourse its racketeering and criminality
Aiding and abetting the great apes tragedy
Double dealing double crossing complete treachery
Sometimes slaughtering families
To bring a baby free
Professional chicanery iniquitous throughout
These are innocent babies
Thats what its all about

A lifetime spent in cages
Prisoners of fear
Smuggling from the congo
To thailand
Where its clear
The depravity of human beings
Paid to smuggle they
Are killing off our great apes
Every single day

And its all for personal motives
Keeping pets thats all
Egoistic opportunists
They break every rule
Their truancy is beyond contempt
Their total disrespect
They are defaulters and malingerers
That the world should now expect

To crucify and lock away
house them in their slime
For They Took the advantage
By breaking every crime
And so many apes have suffered
So many families dead
Just to smuggle babies
This is where its led

The plight of great ape babies
From the congo through to here
Where here is they will come
Shivering with fear
No respect for living souls
Disparaged at every turn
And palm oil has created this
As many now do learn

Palm oil isnt vegan
The death of many a soul
Are directly down to palm oil
And the lack of true control

Boycott palm oil its destroying the lungs of our planet
Purely for corporate greed and creating degenerate monsters
Plying their wares through wild life smuggling

Vegans buying into this wickedness are failing this planet
And its animals

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