FIghting our mother

There is a reluctance and a negativeness
Indisposed to give up eating turtle eggs
we have found
Uncooperative and recalcitrant
Its really rather sad
Fighting our dear mother
Which isnt seen as bad

Really a basic obstinacy
Single minded crap
Its really hard core arrogance
An environmental trap
What really is dishonesty
The artfullness of those
Making heaps of money
Despite the sand between their toes

Sea shepherd puts its money where it heart is
And we see
The turtles being driven
Even further from the sea
Beaches being carved up
For marina’s and the rest
What chance has a leatherback
With good for nothingness

These turtles have been coming
Since the dinosaur
Coming to specific beaches
And they all ignore
The signs they see the poachers
But few around are there
Ready to protect the nests
New life to be aware

Conservation its a word
The weak inherit less
The rich command the human world
And build up all the stress
With the turtles now endangered
Some critical some say
Its obvious with the wholesale loss of eggs
Now everyday

Turtles being eaten their eggs are eaten too
Ostional there from ostional
Which is ofcourse untrue
And everybody knows that
They are from the local strand
The endangered beaches are being hit
And few will understand

Were it not for sea shepherd
Who takes the poachers on
Despite the deaths and criminality
If and when they are gone
Costa rican natives would kill their dear mama
They are wicked as the day is long
And have transgressed very far

The junges being torn up
The beaches torn up too
In a short while there’s chaos
And what can shepherds do
Up against the AK 47 not a lot
Just patrol the beaches
And hope they dont get shot

500,000 species
Paradise once there
Now the government sits on its hands
And the police are just no where
The poachers are all over
Its profits for the few
Their precious mother is suffering
And no one knows what to do

Paul watson has the answer
Its obvious to see
We have to ratchet up the force
And go in heavily
If there is no enforcement
There is nothing we can do
But watch the jungle wither
And the animals wither too

So few of the murdering locals are prepared
To think forwards to when there are no turtles

Inspired by documentary film

Why just one

Sea shepherd

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