Fulmar a wild bird out on the wing
Scooped put of the sea
That will try to bring
Its oily vomit quickly into play
It stinks really terribly
But its a way
Of warding off predators
But not the men there
Who twist the birds neck
For they are aware
Its the oily feathers
A stench to be true
But thats what these viking
Type people will do

When they are not killing sea birds
Or eating their eggs
They are out on a grind
Their malevolence begs
The question
How evil can man be today
Their sullenness and anger gives them away

Always belly aching
About shepherds who
Come in their droves
To do what they do
Under the black flag
Pirates of the sea
Chase the whales off
And let them swim free

Unwarranted claims
To be free to engage
To turn the seas crimson
To churn up a rage
Betraying our mother
Creator of all
By murdering angels
And watching them fall

They get no marks from me
For their murderous ways
Puffins and gannets
Its one great malaise
They eat almost anything
Their bloody hands
Can reach like a leech
Transforming the sands

Of time into gore
At the end of the day
Intestines and stomachs
Bob in the vile spray
No one dare exonerate
These devil hordes
Who wade out to meet
Those who die by their swords

Real opportunists
Their treachery
Shameless and untruthful
And so shifty
Devious ignoble undignified
Morally weak and on the downward slide

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