Protestors mostly vegan shout out loud and clear
We hate the fact that pilot whales are murdered around here
There is no need to plunder the seas of their rich wealth
Thats no excuse for the abuse and its not good for your health
We dont spread hate about you just hate the fact that you
Continue slaughtering pods of whales for it is not our view
That you have to eat their blubber or flesh Especially now
With methyl mercury and pcb’s which is really how

We find the grinds repulsive whole families wiped out by
You people wading into the sea to force these souls to die
Cutting their throats such carnage its past its sell by date
You are not bloody vikings now which is why we berate
Your so called means of slaughtering
Try a vegan diet you
Will feel a lot more healthy
And you know really thats true

Your own health people tell you
Cut back on pilot whales
These are not our made up words
They are health providers tales
The pollution is apparent
These poor whales sickened by
The pollutants in the oceans
Which is why so many die

It makes no sense to take risks
Already difficulties
With what you eat and why you eat it
You eat what you please
But selling your salmon to china
And selling to the U k
Why dont you eat your local fish
And dont make the poor whales pay

Such intelligent mammals
Loyal to each they be
Heroes everyone of them
You know this actually
And so you take advantage
Slaughter them for they
Stay beside each other
They will never swim away

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