Colonialism and the rest

i do not trust
The aerial count of Kangaroo’s
No not at all
Its biased
It is never independent
And the views
Of shooters farmers
And the trade
Is it becomes
Their base
for the numbers that then can be killed
Lost souls without a face

Shot away completely
So decapitation
Then Feet cut off and tails cut off
A horror for this Nation
With these inflated numbers
Kill females and kill males
They bloody well exaggerate
They are so far off the rails

Those fences being erected
Again are not thought through
They dupe the general public
That has to be my view
Poisonings some farmers
Think they have the right
To do this
And the indications are
it causes fright

our gentle wild bush angels
Are coming under fire
Being murdered in their thousands
The situation dire
The kangaroo population
Cant recover not at all
With so many so called shooters
Needing that nightime haul

So many joeys dying
And countless pinkies too
Creation worked its miracles
But what the shooters do
Is murder they create mayhem
Out in the bush at night
With nobody to watch them
Everythings alright

The misteaching and propaganda
Its Upset the apple cart
The aboriginie people
With them its from the heart
Ancestral guidance is their thing
Their honour and their soul
Subject to dislocation
A reversal of that role
They had their land and culture
Stolen long ago
And Are are now expected to tow the line
On their new life path below

On land thats far from fertile
Kind of the spoils of war
Grey suited muggers
Are rotten buggers
They know what life is for
What chance have the wild animals
Thats right yea none at all
The meat Trade is the murder trade
The bloody trade its war!

Spread all over slaughterhouses
Torture everywhere
The wealth is with the affluent
Who Create despair
Society is shot away its the privileged
And those
Comfortably well off and stinking rich
their toffy nose

Sniffing out the kangaroo being fed the lies
How healthy it is to switch from beef
Local wild caught surprise!
There are lots of outlets everywhere
Encouraging the trade
To take on lots more shooters
Their corpses to parade

Meanwhile they roll back habitats
Box gum grass woods torn
Fracking mining first class dining
A torrid blood soaked Dawn
Cattle and sheep A bonanza
The Meat Trade working well
As Australia is crumbling fast
Into its own hell

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