Twelve miles west of Stornoway
Those megaliths stand tall
Once swallowed by the ancient peat
When a farmer with a wall on his mind
was searching for stones
And did unearth
The signs of what they really were
And realised their worth

5000 years of ancientness
Perhaps an observatory
Every 18.6 years
The moon’s trajectory
Dances across the stones
In what is an astrological jig
Silhoutted by the sky
The isle of Lewis
The outer Hebrides as I apply

My mind to what is the land of fae
A legendary site on any day
Around the coasts of sand we see
The seals and perhaps red deer walk free
The golden eagle in the sky
And the arctic char and salmon ply
Mullet and flounder accompany
This is a place well just to be

Where they still cut peat
And do realise
The vikings settled
No surprise
A norse kingdom another here
An island people it is clear

Three billion years this ancient ground
Anorthosite moon like, was found
To man or beast how very old
These rocks are thats what I have been told
No where else in Europe can say
Their rocks are more ancient
By even a day
Callanish stands strong and why
It gets its energy from on high.

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