Australian Greyhounds exported to China

Dishonesty and untruthfulness
Palm greasing nepotism
Rascality and roguery
Leading to recidivism
Greyhounds out of New South Wales
Tracks exported to
Shanghai and to Macao
To race Cheetah’s there
The clue

Profit, caring little
For the wellbeing of these hounds
If they were not winning races
Obviously it sounds
Inhumane and ugly
To see them shipped away
To where they would be ill treated
In the cold light of each day

The Australians were caught thank goodness
And faithlessness exposed
Their artfulness and deviousness
The case clearly was closed
Around their obvious crookedness
Carring little for the dogs
The iniquity and sinfulness
Really it now jogs

The memory of those
Who know this so called sport it stinks
It takes advantage of animals
Its cruelty me thinks
When betting and where profits
Are tied up in the deal
Animals are clearly
The victims and for real.

Fancy racing greyounds with Cheetahs
Seems to me
that China’s lack of true contrition
Without apology
And all of this without remorse
Makes me think that we
Can make no excuse for china
These barbarians cant see

Its unvirtuous and immoral
Animals have no rights
They are callous and black hearted
Miscreants whose sights
Are just on making money
Good for nothing thieves
Unworthy graceless perverts
Whose cruelty achieves

Little in the scheme of things
They are wicked through and through
They just dont have the morals
Its outrageous what they do
They are vicious they are brutal
And animals Have no say
When they are passed their sell by date
Anything is okay

Thank goodness they were caught out here
Exporting dogs away
To hell and worse an evil curse
That would have seen them pay
With their lives in the long term
Probably cheetah bait
australians must wake up
To the really ugly state

Of affairs that is greyhound racing
And stop supporting it

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