Africa’s problem with Lions and human encroachment

Space a specific area
A true locality
A vastness where wild animals
Have lived and have felt free
But now we see true conflict
With human beings who
Also use the precious land
And want to live there too

Agricultural areas where people
Sometimes sleep
Protecting crops from Bush Pigs
And what they sow they reap
Sometimes in certain areas
Heavy rainfall might
Force Prey to disperse its like a curse
And lions then get uptight

Its happened in Tanzania
Where humans have been killed
Targeted and pulled out of their homes
Their blood is spilled
More than a hundred victims
In several regions found
lions have got the taste for human blood
And come around

And it may not be just one Lion
The whole pride seemingly
Who will enter a village or
Near the highway
And consume them avidly
Man eating Lions
Are clearly horrific when they strike
Children have been taken
Just riding their bike

Living with this problem
Can be a frightening thing
To somehow come to terms with it
People have to bring
It out of their reality
And think along the lines
Of spirits and witch doctors
Using supernatural signs

Someones trying to target them
Its not just any beast
Its a curse that has been put on them
They can cope with that at least
Imagining its just an ordinary Lion
Thats got their scent
For them to get their head around
They just don’t feel content

And so they call a hunter in
To try and catch those that
Are causing all this mayhem
That is where they are at
Far better that its sorted
In a fairly prudent way
Than leaving poison around the place
On any given day

Which may take out just any creature
Or even humans too
Clearly with man eaters
Its important that they do
Try to trap the individuals
In anyway they can
There always will be conflict
But when lions are eating man

Clearly its very serious
And honestly we will see
Even Lions in protected parks
Really know no boundary
And may get close to villages
And to people in the end
Its going to be ongoing
And these worries clearly send

People into some concern
For each other we can say
People will always win me thinks
The animal today
Is losing habitat rapidly
Prey animals livestock man
Thats the true progression
Though sadly not the plan

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