A mahogany bull from Brazil

Unconscious and impassive
Insensitive and numb
Negligent and spiritless
A coarseness that has some
Of us feeling sick inside our
Stomachs when we see
How animals must suffer
And how it seems to be

gabriel was a mahogany bull
Raised on pastures green
Lots of rich wild clover
Really where he had been
Was heavenly his arousal
Was the sun up in the sky
The rapture and the total joy
Of living on a high

But he would be a live export
To the land of the Pharoes where
A filthy dirty slaughterhouse
Would witness his despair
His utter degradation
His torture and his pain
Care of the bloody meat trade
His blood was going to stain

The sand for ever and ever
His anguish and his woe
He in a waking nightmare
With just no where to go
Purgatory promised
Discomfort all the way
On the rack and bleeding
They would make him pay

Stabbed his ears and eyes
And cut his tendons through
Imagine the terrible agony
If that was done to you
A hook thrust through his nostrils
And his ton weight dragged along
His face was in contusion
Ofcourse all this was wrong

But this is called live exports
Egypt knows it all
Your kebabs do they taste good
The suffering of the fool
Distressed an utter reject
Of the life that it had known
Downtrodden and maltreated
Every single groan

Rupturing the ear drums
Of those of us who know
The price the animals have to pay
To be part of your show
Infelicitous suffering
Lamenting all the while
A half an hour of torture
And all thats left is a pile
Of flesh and bone and evidence
Of mortified remains
Gabriel was beautiful
Even in his chains

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