Why they fail to see the bloody obvious

The unconsciousness the
The absence of intellect
Thats there
Unenlightened and injudicious
Bringing me such despair
Woefully irrelevant
A jaundiced eye on view
Short termism and a cliquishness
That breaks my heart in two

The selfishness within them
The over subtlety
Really a contradiction in terms
an irrelevancy
As for lateral thinking
More a fallibility
A lack of true discernment
And sensitivity

Money their bank balance
Its personal and they
In many ways are vulgar
To what the world does say
To how the environment comes together
And is affected by
The magic of each moment
Underneath the sky

The erroneous deduction
The sacrilege of soul
The bloodshed and the butchery
So out of control
Life and all its viableness
Its possibility
The never ending question
Of why it has to be

2 comments on “Why they fail to see the bloody obvious

  1. Maria Fernada da Silve Maia on said:

    Love your poetry dear Rex, it helps to easy the pain,onther thing is music! Thank you very much xx

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