Those MP’s (they know who they were)

Blank minds guilty really
Of the thoughtlessness we see
A degree of unintelligence
And complete inanity
Unconcerned and uninvolved
Apathetic and inert
Swollen with true arrogance
Flippant which does hurt

Improvident and disconcerting
Paying no attention to
What is their discrimination
And lack of judgement, view
The evidence which is everywhere
But clearly they prefer
To remain unsound and irrelevant
As perhaps they always were

They argue in a circle
No leg to stand on they
Gloss over the true facts
In their arbitrary way
They came to the wrong conclusion
An unenlightened bunch
Toffy nosed uncertainty
Working on some hunch

Out of step with the public
Whose vote gave them their seat
Unqualified and shallow
They now are the elite
Gibberish and tomfoolery
Is How they pass their time
Full of indiscretions
And unworthy of this rhyme

Most of them eat animals
A lunacy abroad
You are what you eat their maxim
Corpse munchers award
Yourselves a dose of blood and snot
Everyday is meaningless
All balderdash it be

Their misinterpretation
Is a challenge to them all
A rebuttal to the conscious
And a joining with the fool
Dolling out mendacity
And deceitfulness at will
Questioning the sentience
As more and more they kill

Spare ribs in the take away
Kebabs in the pub
Bacon butties in the snug
Thats the kind of grub
That fills their brains with energy
And fills their veins with fat
Pimms out by the river
That is where they are at

They themselves are clogged up
With cholesterol and fat
Mucus keeps them sniffing
They say they would eat their hat
If any of them were vegan
Dullards everyone
They are just perversion
When the day is done

Is it any wonder that productivity is low
Those representing all of us
Have nothing much to show
Their arteries are clogged up
Their salaries too high
And They get this sitting on their arse
Their expenses really high

Everythings a drama
Landlords some we know
Charging exhorbitant rents to tenants
In the flow
Trying to make ends meet each week
With Some now on the make
In pursuit of Their foie gras
Their caviar and their steak

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