The pollutive firework phenomena

Tradition and Culture
Are words that are used
These days unfortunately
They are abused
Animals slaughtered in rings
In Spain and elsewhere
The gushing of blood
Into vile dark despair

The fifth of November
The gunpowder plot
Guy Fawkes and all
His aura has not
Been precisely accurate
Thus he must turn
In his grave
Knowing truthfully
What people burn

The fireworks they let off
Mostly now come
From China a fantasy really
To numb
The mind and the Airways
To breathing fresh air
And replacing its sweetness
For others to share

With all sorts of chemicals
Pollutants galore
Heavy metals and such an array
So much more
Sulfur coal compounds
Barium copper and much more
Now be

Released on that night
All over the place
To fall into rivers
And lakes the disgrace
Of widespread pollution
On such a scale
And its all about culture
The invisible trail

Smut smudge and soot
Smoke scourings too
Ashes and cinders
It is what we do
Propel all these substances
Into the sky
With the family oft under it
So I ask why?

Nobody realises whats in the air
What we are party to
What we now share
The unwholesome injurious particles
Invisibly floating
Down in the air

They are a menace to defenceless souls
Such easy targets
Where’s the controls
We are all vulnerable out on a limb
And we don’t get a warning
We are left on the rim

Carcinogens poisons
All sorts of stuff
Raining down on our children
How much is enough
Harmfulness hurtfulness
Mischief abroad
Who can afford
To breathe in these chemicals
Many unknown
Its scandalous really
When it is home grown

The intention we know
To Provide a display
With Rockets and bangers
And floaters and spray
All sorts of colours
Glittering greens
Lithium red
Watch our livers and spleens

Skin irritation
Choking galore
Burns units are overworked
More and more
Smoke inhalation
None of us know
What we are breathing
And how it does grow

Its iniquitous really
Shameful I’d say
Insidious injurious chemicals play
Into the sky with a troublous affect
Distressing and harmful
When they eject
The intention is one thing
But mostly I feel
Its to make a big profit
And to do it with zeal

And its got out of hand
Like all this stuff will
Its not just the fifth
People get their thrill
By partying clearly
And going to shows
Where even more dangerous
Fireworks it grows
Out of proportion
As cities as well
Buy into tradition
Creating their hell

Animals suffer
Many will die
Birds bats and wild souls
All wonder why
Ambulance fire stations
All take their hit
As the public go bonkers
And soak up the shit

Tradition and culture
The wrong words to choose
Corporate profits
With no time to lose
Importing these pollutants
Many unknown
And selling them on
To many so prone

To breathing problems
Skin irritation
We all are suffering
When any nation
Goes blooming bonkers
And sets off these things
We really must learn
What this culture now brings

Down on us all
Nothing healthy for sure
so do not support it
bring in the law

And get it banned

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