The National should we trust

Narrowly defeated
Thats the news today
Blood sports get the final laugh
The fox won’t get away
The haughtiness and arrogance
The flagrancy abroad
The toffs dress up
Their schooners brim
Though few can now afford

The hunt, the real impertinence
Of riding across land
Given to the National TRUST
Something I can’t stand
Its an affront to freedom
The undemocratic way
The haughty snooty up staged high hats
Can enjoy their play

Laying fox scents
Riding with hounds
So we now can see
Foxes killed by accident
Its brazen hypocrisy
They put on airs and graces
In their johdpurs and the rest
Swagger swank and bovver boys
The vote has kind of blessed

The pro blood mob
The countryside alliance and those who
Enjoy the sport of killing
The wild animals now who
Are native to these British Isles
And should be free to roam
Not be chased by servile clowns
Who called Britain their home

The vote for me is a sadness
As for the National Trust
I feel that standoffishness
Frankly its unjust
I hate killing wild animals
And on our National land
It leaves me with an abhorrence
And a failure to understand

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