The copper beech

There you are
I have missed YOU
I have Been away a while
You seem so liberated
Unshackled with great style
Olive yet with with coppery tints
bonds bursting and true
There’s a pattern to your growing
And its positive right through

Birds have made their home with you
Starlings, apparently
Seeming to have immunity
Their manoeuvrability
It isnt just their living space
Their enfranchised to be there
You can actually hear their happiness
its something we all can share

With Samhain in the picture
This unbridled show
Many fail to notice it
When on the street they go
So much taken for granted
Gaia’s frustration might
See a happy ending
With so many leaves in flight

This her great arena,
the hustings the terrain
Winter in the offing
frost coming back again
The season being wound up
Winter to follow through
Carved pumpkins now seen everywhere
The corporations too

Are into all this sorcery
Commercialism rules
Covens witches hocus pocus
Its the time when fools
Are parted with their money
First witches hats and wands
Then fireworks out of china
And irreverence responds

The copper beech
Your serenity
And your steadfastness feels
Its ceaselessness and permanence
Which the sabbat now reveals
The stillness of the morning
Gives way to wind and sway
Of enduring and unfalteringly
Creating the display

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