Rainforest Canada

Canada’s Bears and the rainforests stark
Straight as a die
Such a glistening bark
Ask yourself
A bear pretty close to the ground
Looks up at the sky
Shows us what he’s found
How such great poles climb into the sky
Through near freezing temperatures
And he may sigh
At the myriad branches and not a lot more
Probably like me in quite some awe
Such a growth spurt from out of the earth
It did fly
Where the Raven might spread his cool wings
On high
And its there the Bear breathes the scent of the Spruce
And am sure in its roots it feels very loose

Oh! Hunter man dweller in concrete and glass
You come with your rifles and ofcourse your fat arse
Not withstanding these trees that all wild souls can see
And you pull your damned trigger Aimed straight at me
Lost on a whim on a cold hearted stare
A great rush of blood asking can it be fair
I reside here and you in the town
Yet i must die here in my own blood must drown
Thanks to you Mr Hunter yea thanks to you
Its not just my life but my soul that you screw
As my eyes close down so the great leaping trees
Take me and share me with the icy breeze.

Inspired by Mythic Woods by Jonathan Roberts.

2 comments on “Rainforest Canada

  1. Mary SUTCLIFFE on said:

    There’s a cold chill to this when one also thinks of the 30,000 people killed by guns in the U.S. each year.
    When will we ever learn?

  2. The trouble with me is the chills come and go

    Love you Mary xx

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