Oliver’s magical art a dream thats become a story

What you see in life
Is more than there can be
Oliver his trait to paint
Life successfully

Angles are perceptions
Of the greater good
Showing us things
A different soul
That perhaps was misunderstood

What we thought we saw was form
But there was so much more
Oliver he walked away
He left his art there on display

An African head which kind of led
The eye to see less than was there
How could we see
Or argue we
Knew what we thought we saw
The key

Light and shade demands respect
Certain lines I thus detect
What i feel I see as more
And what is more I just ignore
When he returned well what i saw
Was even more than I saw before

This was an actual dream that i woke up and wrote down
At 3.38 in the morning feeling perfectly conscious
But actually still asleep and I wrote into notes on my iphone.

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