Exporting elephants to far off countries

Really we’re all guilty
Even those who say
On facebook they are helping
Most look the other way
Post our comments freely
And go to bed at night
As more and more young elephants
Lose their right to light

Stolen from their families
Wild souls walking free
Shot down by the heartless traders
Sedation constantly
The parents chased off by the sounds
Of the helicopters blades
The babies put on trucks
Kidnapped and life fades

Rapidly for all of them
Its about money in the bank
CITES Talks up regulation
But now to be frank
These elephants are tortured
Kicked about and they
Wake up from sedation
And suffer everyday

Imagine how the family feel
Wondering where they have gone
One minute they were all together
Life for them was on
Par wih all the miracles
And suddenly no more
Cut down by the silent darts
That forced them to the floor

Like phantoms whirly monsters
Descended from the sky
Thats all they remember
Asking aloud why
Where was the compassion
Clearly there is none
These babies are just fodder
For the export market fun

Zoo’s have got the money
Charging big bucks at the door
Shipment costs are nothing
Profit is what its for
And little baby elephants
Dead ringers for the cash
They have’nt got a hope in hells
Chance they are like trash

Babies need their mothers
The matriarchal queen
They are totally helpless
Cites are so mean
They haven’t got an earthly chance
To make it thats for sure
Disunited from their family
Deep inside their core

Basically life’s over
Sent across the sea
To china to be gawped at
To bedlam actually
Their little lives in turmoil
Frightened and alone
The cruelty they are facing
Goes deep down to the bone

We might as well just shoot them
It would be kinder to
Suffer the illegality
Of a member of some zoo
Looked after by the untrained
Who haven’t got a clue
Who feed them food they do not want
Its unfathomable but true

Zoo’s are profit making
Wild animsls need care
They live within a family
In the wilds ofcourse they share
The newness and the freshness
And the knowledge of each age
The abundance of gaia
Really its off the page

The fervour and the zestfulness
The energizing thrust
Enlivened by the environment
And my the family trust
Witnessing this violence
And fury men impart
All these strong arm tactics
Its kind of breaks their heart

There is no moderation no mildness anymore
Its just restraint and anger
And nobody is sure
How these babies can adjust
To an alien land of woe
And sadly they go down hill fast
And become sick as well we know

Often they are in cages
Or on concrete every day
No love around to comfort them
They are on the edge lets say
A kind of dirty stockade
No greenery to eat
Bolted barred locked up slas
Close to a noisy street

An alien land where madness reigns
It be their future now
The light is often artificial
Darkness yes and how
A real absence of colour
Of nature in the raw
Like its never been before

Elephants are thoughtful
Imagine how they feel
Locked up in a concrete space
What does that reveal
A lack of curiosity
Inertia from the start
Apathetic they take no interest
Yes it breaks their heart

Neglected disregarded
Nodody cares less
Untended and unheeded
You can feel the stress
Pigeonholed and mothballed
Passed over left alone
They really seriously suffer
And will forever moan

And sicken it is common place
For ele’s to fall ill
Love is what they yearn for
Not some brightly coloured pill
Not for bungling thickheads
To look after their needs
If we had any thought at all
We know just where that leads

All these iconic animals
Gaia’s gift lets say
Sold off to the highest bidder
The one who wants to pay
CITES And the so called caring officials
Make me sick
For they have no true compassion
They just miss every trick

All of us on facebook
Who say we really care
Have got to get our acts together
And really try to share
The knowledge of these babies
And their suffering and pain
Getvthe news around the world
And stop it happening again

2 comments on “Exporting elephants to far off countries

  1. Rita claessens on said:

    Thank you Rex for writing this beautiful poem about the stolen babies. The pain, the anguish both them and the families feel, is heartbreaking.

  2. Rex Tyler on said:

    Thankyou Rita i shall be in london to see the new elephant film tonight
    And will write a poem about what I see gods in shackles

    Thankyou for visiting blog you are very kind

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