Atlantic Salmon and why farming them is nuts

The naivete of thinking that your knowledge
Is beyond
The Natural world of Gaia
Establishing this bond
With obsession and with tenets
That you believe is true
Is in essence just credulity
Its what corporates do

Its bewilderingly obvious
How they are so unversed
Totally unenlightened
Unqualified the worst
Thickhead in the classroom
Wouldnt take the route
That most of these fools take
Such misjudgement at their root

Wild Atlantic Salmon
Creation took control
It comes out of a power of thought
A farsighted soul
With a wisdom of the ages
And an awareness of the true
In itself a revelation
And it has been through

Centuries of life on earth
Affirming what was right
Working to a truthfulness
Instinctively the light
Worth a whole kings ransom
Propitious through and through
Nature knows perfection
She knows what to do

But man is indisposed to feel
And see the natural state
Unconsenting and unwilling
And painstakingly to wait
So farming seemed a good idea
A single minded trait
A way of mking money
At an alaming rate

Unyielding and obdurate
And finally we see
Piscine Orthoreovirus
Known as PRV
Its heart and skelethal
Thats costing many lives
Not only amongst the farmed fish
But Less of the wild survives

Actually its obvious
In a virus laden stew
You are bound to attract
More bugs than you ever wanted to
You are gambling with the environment
Ostensibly to say
You know better than anyone
And the tragedy is in play

Its iniquitous and injurious
And distressing as we see
The indigenous are suffering
In the salty sea
In the nets where pesticides
Are spread around the place
In pursuit of profits
With reality we must brace

Ourselves for what is happening
For A lot of fish now die
Arrogance is a foolish waste of time
And this is why
So many wild fish are dying
The desirability
Was to let creation do the thinking
A better policy

But no we see perfection
When imperfection rules
We see fish really suffering
Overseen by fools
Charged to make a profit
And recuperate the loss
But then there is no remedy
And no one gives a toss

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