An unfortunate black bear

A child at 6 unfortunately
Was taught to go and kill
Squirrels rabbits and other feral souls
A bitter pill
For me to take, I have to say
And what we read today
Is this litte girl
Now can’t stop killing
And she’s blown a bear away

Her father clearly set her up
With a bow, a killing tool
Just the thing for a ten year old
When your father is a fool
Who swapped the dolls and the playthings
For a nice killing machine
That turns a beautiful handsome bear
Into joints yes how obscene!

I hear it tastes like pot roast
Whatever that tastes like
A child that dreams of murdering souls
Not riding a bike
And doing things that children do
But hiding Behind a tree
dressed in a Camouflage jacket
Thats what you would want to see

A young child doing wouldn’t you
Mud smudged on her face
Lying in wait for an innocent soul
For me its a disgrace
And somewhere there is a gun shop
Who knows the bows they sell
End up in a young girl hands
They Should end up in Hell

And then the ammunition
And all the extra bits
Blooding deers and murdering bears
Clearly all these shits
Who sell these bows and bolts
To children via their dad
Need a blood kicking
For me its truly sad

As for the bear that was murdered
It had family too
Possibly a mother who will be grieving
Cries the tears of gaia
Creation takes a hit
And a child is feeling wonderful
For that spark in her was lit

Humanity is drifting
Down in a pit to where
Feral souls are dying
In depths of dark despair
Shot and wounded many
And left to limp away
But the victims are the children
Who are really made to pay

For they may turn to humans
In the course of time
Its one thing killing zombies
But the upward climb
to squirrels deers and rabbits
And onto humans too
Cruelty and killing
It is what these hunters do

So social media raised her game
So much for childhood she
Hardly out of nappies
But is killing now and free
To hunt down any animal
That wanders passed her door
What does her mother think of this
Truly I abhor

Such an evil pastime
The poacher hunter mob
YES Listening to a ten year old

Makes me sob.

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