Amarula and the elephants

Oblivion feels possible
For the elephants of old
Destruction of their habitat
And their babies being sold
The amarula fruit tree mob
Decided they must try
And raise elephant awareness
For so many now do die

Ivory poachers critically
Are murdering them at will
Hunters too are killing them
Africa is still
Witnessing the phantoms
Who once walked on the land
Being decimated
By the corporation hand

Vietnam and China are culpable it seems
That is where the market is
Where teams and teams and teams
Of marketeers are at it
Every single day
Turning tusks to ornaments
And jewellery, a way
Too many pieces really
And the ignorance we hear
That this ivory was never poached
Ringing in our ear.

Ofcourse its poached you arseoles
And canned hunted as well
The yanks and brits the corporate shits
The safari hunting smell
Drifts across the varied plains
And takes on the rangers who
Try to save the elephants
But don’t know what to do

There are too many poachers
And the rangers are too few
Ivory sales are rampant
Its what the criminals do
Marula’s label doesn’t show an elephant
Trying to wake the public up
Though many still ignore

The cruelty the evil the ugly rotten trade
Greasing the hands of many
On many a head is laid
The ivory sales the malevolent credentials
Of those who
see a elephsnt covered in flies
And, just take a view

That a dead elephant makes them profit
And the poachers willingly
Murder and cause mayhem
And most come locally
It won’t be until the pachyderms
Are wiped out then we will hear
The frantic cries of animal lovers
When its too late I fear.

So come on all you armchair warriors
Elephants need aid
Elephants are not ivory
They are iconic and were made
By creation as were all of you
They need a helping hand
Ivory holds a massive karmic debt
Please understand

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