A poem for Samhain

I return a lesser figure
Though my heart is as before
Samhain is upon us dears
With darkness at its core

A time to honour the ancestors
And our loved ones that have passed
A cross quarter day
See the fields lay bare
And just feel
Winters blast.

Its the end of the harvest
The emergence of winters bite
A time for Bats and Black Cats
And owls that may alight

From Out of the minds of writers
Like Edgar Allan Poe
Ravens and witches and magickal lore
All seeds that some now sow

It be the witches new year
As the skies grow cold and gray
The earth is dormant, resting
Bonfires lit to pay

Respects to fallen livestock
Their bones heaped on the pyre
Acting as a blessing
By the enrichment
Of the fire

The veil between this world and that
Is thinner and whats more
Its a goodly time to reach them
With ceremonies galore

About half way between the Autumn Equinox
And Yule
Come join the circle at rollright stones
Answering the call

Feel their sense of being
As they join us on this hour
A sip of mead to counteract
Jack frost and his powerm.

Its a supernatural happening
A time of flux and change
Of piousness and veneration
Right across the range

Without our dear ancestors
Where now would we be
Their earnestness their fervour
And their sincerity

Feel them in our midst today
The prophecy as told
Friends who have come from near and far
To join us and to hold

Countenance with all of us
Whoever we may be
Within these glorious ancient stones
Where every soul feels free

Will be read to the circle at Rollrights
By me bard of the cotsworld order
On 5/11/2017 at around 4 pm.

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