In the fifties Britain tested
The bloody atomic bomb
Which pissed off the aboriginies
And caused a maelstrom
Of rabid negativity
And now believe it or not
The Scottish want to ship their
Waste and really there’s a lot
From DOunreay and from Sellafield
Into Wallerberina
This is aboriginie land
And there is no where greener

Its does not belong to the government
So who are they to say
Where dangerous shit should be buried
It makes no sense and they
Are clearly up in arms about it
Which anyone can see
Indigenous protected areas
Need a guarantee

Archeological treasures
Burial mounds Around
Bones and stone tools everywhere
All over the ground
To Vulnerable communities
Its cultural genocide
And one of the stations the Ghan goes through
So who now wants to ride

On that magnificent railway
Through nuclear towns where they
Could have a dangerous spillage
It can happen any day
To me to do this kind of thing
Is a really sick idea
And the government should be Taken to task
For creating so much fear

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