Fleetwood reminiscing

Its life and what is thrown at us
That makes us what we are
Its the bedrock of our being
The nuts and bolts that star
Undeniable factors
That immortalise the way
Essentially we manage
To make it through each day

Losing his older sister to cancer
Did him in
Being out in Egypt and Norway
In that spin
With his dad, having to be there
It prepared him in a Way
To get his self together
And work that through each day

The gigster was a stepping stone
His parents knew the score
They clearly felt the music in him
And made him want it more
The bands the players the experiences
Taught him a great deal
And helped him do the business
By making it all real

Relationships are complex
When life gets in the way
The industry is fraught with painful
We pay
In so many ways we suffer
But what does bring us through
Is the family and the experience
Of knowing what to do

Music is a life line
The players some will find
It all too much to cope with
It strangulates the mind
The need is there for inner strength
Born out of family life
And parents who had fortitude
Preparing us for strife

Contrariety and difference
Discordant attitudes
A smorgasbord of reasons
Courageously alludes
To eminence and valour
To risk taking and to be
Full of intuition
With a mission to be free

Having that strength of character
That originality
Inventive using innovation
And creativity
A freshness and a genuineness
Primordial at source
Unprecedented really
And actually a force

To be reckoned with
Above all else
The albums they would flow
Fleetwood Mac
Could really pack
Expression and they know
The miscible solutions
And kaleidoscopic tones
To Harmonize and intersperse
And reach into the bones

The subtlety of knowing
The cohesion of the soul
The reaction and compaction
The adherent takes the role
Inseparable behaviour
Like a limpet by the sea
Has a true connection
And a base tenacity

A mentor creates spirit
Which Peter Green possessed
Clearly a connection
Which at his height
Was blessed
It was all-embracing
A totality of thought
Integral in his make up
Which silently he sought

Tonight he comes to Islington
With a love that burns
A world tour in the offing
The avid heart now turns
To hear
the great mans utterances
And realise that he
Really made it possible
With his spontaneity

TUESDAY 26/9/2017
ISlington Assembly Hall

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