Eyestalk ablation

Aquaculture has its share
Of barbarity
Aimed at female prawns
Who actually
Are very sensitive
To the local environment
And codes of conduct do
It seems to me
Get buried under profit making
The inconsiderateness and lack of concern
The obduracy of eyestalk ablation
Using a gun the females eye to burn

Imagine this and done without pain killers
Just behind the eye
A gland appears
When the eye is burned out
The prawn becomes disoriantated
And despite the crowded conditions
Appears in doubt
And so comes into sexual maturity
Its an antiquated system of abuse
A prawn has feelings and this awful torture
Its a way of torturing their golden goose.

SEA JOY in South America
Have phased out all this horror
The viciousness and spitefulness
The callousness we see
Its sadism beyond the pale
These female prawns feel everything
There is, never a reason for such vile brutality

Those of you who eat prawns
Probably imagine a female prawn
Won’t feel the pain
To cast the evil eye
Australians must wake up
And denounce this evil practice
Consign it to the dustbin of history and why
Where is the voice of conscience?
The demented the uneasy
And once again tbe female of the species
Takes the can
Commerce has a role to play
It all going down the pan

Aquaculture’s aura
Is stained in snot and blood
They are overindulgent
Apparently a flood
Of evil saps what goodness
And degeneracy
Ends up taking over
In this wicked flagrancy.

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