Monthly Archives: September 2017

To coin a phrase

Emperor Constantine appears On the coins that were found Some guy with a detector Putting it around Found the hoard of Roman coins In East Devon he Realised it was treasure trove And slept by it to be Protecting it … Continue reading

The Elephant

In awe We ought to be Really we should The biggest land animal Really it could Realize so much Within its sphere With 300 billion neurons Its clear Compared to us humans Rulers of earth With massive ego’s Some with … Continue reading


It sits very nicely In Berkhamsted High Street Laid back and gentle Where coffee and cake And salads are served In a personable manner Undeniably caring And very sharing Something to take Home with you really A genuine place With … Continue reading

All glued up to cheat and compromise

A mental abberation A barrenness of thought Really an inversion That the banker man had sought A way of making profit From the opposite of good In the quiet of the cutting room Impulsively it would Happen really spring to … Continue reading

A spider’s lament

As warriors we tango physical and proud Coexisting really, with the human crowd A considerable devotion A tangible desire Pithy meaty meaningful An entity on fire It took a lot of expertise To climb into that hole Through a million … Continue reading

Hare coursing

A,precocial being Prepared Always to run Born above the ground me thinks When the day is done It has realization That what it has to do Is know when dangers calling An eternal view It can run its arse off … Continue reading

Mick Fleetwood’s evening in Islington

The assembly hall was clearly very popular Tonight Queues of people waiting somehow it felt just right We parked in upper Street just outside the old venue And went towards the entrance to see what we should do We were … Continue reading

200 lost souls

The Faroe Islands massacre A pod of two hundred souls Whitesided dolphins magnificent All slaughtered by the trolls Their bodies split a’sunder Their intestines all on view Retards that is all they are Stealing from the blue Creation was miraculous … Continue reading


In the fifties Britain tested The bloody atomic bomb Which pissed off the aboriginies And caused a maelstrom Of rabid negativity And now believe it or not The Scottish want to ship their Waste and really there’s a lot From … Continue reading

The Dingo

All apex predators matter Their impact really makes A difference in the scheme of things Creation makes no fakes Its man that ruins everything With his prejudice and pain With his lack of understanding If only he would refrain To … Continue reading