The salmon and the bear

Resoluteness and determination
The zeal of suggestion
And concentration
Swimming up river
Enduring unflagging
This is the salmon
Wanting to be
Able to spawn
And to die graciously

Dogged and gutsy the current
Is strong
Moving heaven and earth
Hang on in there belong
To the great wave and frenzy
The unceasing way
To be undiscouraged
At the end of the day

With valour they fight
The white water the cream
With a great deal of chivalry
And the whole team
Are fighting the rapids
Brave hearts on fire
With the black bears all waiting
Dare devils dire

To be bold to have guts
Confronting the pain
Eyeball to eyeball
A constant refrain
Nobody’s cautious
Nobody cares
Both have their target
And innermost prayers

The bears need the feast
The fish need to fly
Those eaten by bears
Ofcourse they will die
Those that escape
Will die anyway
Unloading their eggs
In the calm of the day

Spellbinding magic
The natural world
Up stream the panic
Such energy hurled
Skywards noteworthy
For their fine display
A meritorious spirit
At the end of the day

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