Precious eyes

A coarseness on a magnitude
Of passionless desire
Inscrutable and unseeing
A frigid heart of fire
An obtuseness and stupidity
A total lack of care
Predisposed to anger
And just being unfair

Live exports an anathema
A prison on the sea
Manacled and pinioned
Its how thet have to be
The yoke of human kindness
Thrown about their throst
They become the prisoner
But really not of note

In custody all locked up
No liberation here
A bondage of enslavement
That incorporates such fear
In harness to the slavery
Oppressed brought to one’s knees
Eyes poked out imagine that
The pstriarchal squeeze

Treated like the dirt
Between the toes of a wayside clown
Drenched in shit and sugar
And knowing they are going down
To make them more compliant
Torture them like hell
Take an amenable animal
And put on her a spell

Of rigourousness and of discipline
Strong hand them into woe
Its thevlatest inquisition
To make the juices flow
Poke theie eyes out one by one
A callous display
Designed to quieten the wild spirit
And to make them pay

Clearly holding all the aces
Oppressing as they do
Forcing their authority
Down hard good and true
A slackness of authority
Sees a breakdown in the law
Where suffering is manifest
And intolerance is more

Adversity is a keyword
Their rollercoaster ride
Of the purest humiliation
With no one on their side
Hostility so ominous
You cant believe your ears
Watching the calamitous
And the ensuing tears

Ill fated a accursed soul
Waiting to be killed
Being shipped to christ knws where
Wherupon their blood is spilled
Bybheinous men in dirty aprons
Standing on the quay
With knives as blunt and filthy
As they could ever be

Show no fight be submissive
Bow down before them, they
Swallow the pill and climb the hill
To what is a frightful day
The disengenuous torturer
A shifty slippery twat
A plotter and a schemer
And what do you think of that

Mismanaged and mishandled
With the inability
To know what is right
And wholly wrong
And the adversity
That mishandles the affair
And leaves all these cows blinded
And bleeding everywhere

Animals Australia
And their evil live EXPORT trade

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