Poulnabrone Dolmen and the Burren

It looks more like a moonscape
Bleak and apparently
Lifeless on the surface
But below the surface we
See clints and grykes
Accumulating earth
Where fissures be
And on these slab like flats
Sheltered areas we see
The magic of each season
Blossom admirably

Nature casts its spells
Across this region
Alive with many animals
All who
Honour us with their presence
Spectators and attendee’s
A vastness and immensity come true

Look across the surface
Rock is all we see
But thats the magic of the ages
In a land thats free
The motherland of Ireland
Ofcourse its bleak and bare
Natural conservation
For everything thats there

The famous Poulnabrone Dolmen
Hole of the quern stones, we
Can just imagine long ago
When alien people free
Of New world order parlance
And communinistic crap
Shared their tumultuous intelligence
And the massive sloping cap

That sits astride the dolmen
Since Neolithic time
Five feet high
A ceremonial place
Fit for this rhyme
And all around the summery
BrIngs timely plants to share
The colours of the rainbow
In the tingle of the air

Badgers Foxes Stoats and Otters
Rats and bats and shrews
Feral goats that wander aimlessly
Such wondrous news
A myriad of miracles
The wanderers through time
And loads of birds
So many species
In the thermals climb

The Burren is a magical place
Where wizards and witches see
All the glorious spirits
That abound there and are key
To the interest in this area
This truly humble place
Encompassing great history
And The encirclement of space

If you ever go across the sea to Ireland
Dont miss this place

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