Paul Watson almost said it all

The vegan sits in his hospital bed
A beacon of the light
He refuses to eat chicken
On lamb he will not bite
He will not let the mother cow
GeT raped or milked or shot
He eats the abundant greenery
That the world yes still has got

He fights those dieticians
Who say he needs to be
Eating much more protein
Like the fish out of the sea
Brazenly objecting to the greenery of the earth
Purporting to be wiser
And that as if by birth

Eggs and dairy cruelty beyond
The power of souls
The supermarket moguls
The tv chefs, their goals
Fixed firmly now on money
On profit and the rest
Killing animals daily
Their souls they all divest

Calves piglets and baby goats
Poussin babies they
Are eaten by the masses
More Massively each day
Wearing fur torn painfully
From the backs of fox or stoat
Badger beaver racoon dog
All angel souls of note

The vegan sits in his hospital bed
ReFusing the flesh and game
Refusing to eat the blood and snot
That other people claim
Will strengthen him
As if the gorilla or elephant
Are weak
The vegan sits in his hospital bed
And is looked upon as a freak!

The lobster boiled alive
Until their skins are red like fire
Frogs are pulled apart and ducks and geese
They do perspire
Force fed by the gavage man
Fat and corn he pokes
Down the throats till the liver
Expands and bloody soaks
The lungs, tortures these babies
In the name, of foie gras
The human is a beastly sod
Tell me which one you are?

A true story played our ever day

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