On a Toronto subway

A pet dog on your lap
Requires responsibility
A sound mind and a sense of care
A personality
A balance of behaviours
And perceptivity

Clearly all can realise
Her insentient quality
Unhearing and oblivious
To the small dogs difficulty
On a leash and pulled about
And bitten in rhe face
Nothing rational about this
To onlookers a disgrace

On a Toronto subway train
Witnessed by others who
Woud be shocked to hear the response
For the whimpering was true
Believable and upsetting
It continued Throughout
As she admonished and she ill treated
And the dog knew all about

Her anger, and her unenlightened state
Oh! She clearly was
Lost in her own stupor
Goodness knows because
She clearly had no notion
Of her animal and she
Was pretty bloody gormless
Thats if you ask me

A half wit with no clear idea
How to treat a pet
Taking out whatever
And clearly the dog let
Her yank him this way
Yank him that
Bite his little face
So bloody cruel to be like that
And in a public place

Tis clear its not the first time
A victim thats for sure
A pretty little picture
So Well outside the law
And she was never furtive
She blatantly took aim
Clearly in denial though,
That her action could

Cruelty is everywhere
Its so painful to see
Some get away with murder
When really they should be
told in no uncertain terms
that animals cannot be
Trusted in a relationship
With them and thats a plea

I put out to the courts
A lifetime ban has got to be
In place for all this ignorance
And blatant cruelty
Fines and prison do something
But life time bans do more
And animal cruelty registers
Tell communities what for

Although she left
the train at St George with the dog
She was traced the dog is safe and the police
Have interviewed her.

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