What looks like crimson protoplasm
It changes colour on a whim
Swimming like a trooper
Tentacles and suckers
The octopus is out there on a limb
It really is intelligent and watches us
Turn your back and the octopus will go
Any chance to escape its on its bike it is
Slithering along as well we know

A crab inside a jam jar in an aquarium
The octopus will remove a cork and eat
But what about a screw top jar
Will it prove it is the star
Using its cognitive brainpower
Its clearly a work of art
Its opens the jar and eats the crab
And that is just the start

Pulsating squirming worming
Dancing prancing,they
Can get into small spaces
eat and swim away
WrIthing scything sinews
Sensationally they
Glide and slide and hide and ride
And do it night and day

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