Milk of blatant cruelty

The milk you drink
The flesh you chew
A calf, a baby clueless to
The ways of man said to be kind
Whose profiteering eyes are blind
To rape and kidnap and terror too
To murdering millions of babies who
Are seen as Pointless births who do
Creation a disservice here
And are put to death
In utter fear

Humans see as unimportant
Little lives just lost and gone
Peripheral a trifling waste
Of pure creation as we don
The miracle of life before us
The total loss of trillions who
Were pure perfection in the making
But were seen as useless for to do

This is ignorance personified
And arrogant disregard for those
Insignificant and non essential
Loss makers as the dairy knows
Thankless fruitless not worth the effort
Rejects, cast offs futile they
Ineffective feckless beings
Basically all thrown away

Inspired by post by lash v roberts
On facebook about little calves

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