A suit of many colours
That dear Gaia gave to me
It was all about protection
And creativity
The godliness of ethic
The soulfulness of sin
In the spirit of each moment
And the liability of kin

To disrespect another
In such a brutal way
Buy catching and removing
Their skin making them pay
A price beyond true conscience
And morality incumbent on us all
To realise
We have an obligation
To follow true creation
For buying into fur
Ofcourse denies

The principle of life and understanding
A fashion statement
Dare anyone say
That is is justifiable
To kill another living being
So we can have a collar
Or a cuff on a cold day

Wild animals are trapped
And kept in cages
Terratorial souls
Who travel miles
Purposefully incarcerated
In a dirty state
Where Insanity just breeds its own denials

And what is eidespread ignorance
And arrogance
Profiteering everywhere you go
Misrepresentation it is out there
Despite what labels and some buyers know
They may love their cat at home
And fail to understand
The fur now on their handbag
Is a cat from another land

Or pehaps the famous racoon dog
Often described as faux
You often hear the wearer say its expensive
So i know
It not a dog from china
But tragically it is
Most of the extras of anorak’s
Are animal its biz!

And they all are making so much cash
The racoon dog poor soul
Skinned alive it screams aloud
It loses all control
Its then thrown into a bloody heap
To bleed out and to see
Others of its comrades stripped
Of their skin rapidly

It is a filthy business
With their grand departmental signs
In their flashy knightsbridge places
Dressed up to the nines
Tourists and the upper class
Cant wait to but the trash
Wrapped up in a harrods bag
Feeling really flash

This the great snob market
When truthfully we see
Unbelievable processing
Nailed up to a tree
One after another skin torn off
And left
Staring through bloodied sockets
Totally bereft

Of decency or reality
Such shame such a disgrace
Total discrimination
All over their face
the buyers unpardonable
Always ready rapidly just to say
We insisted on faux fur
But margins got in the way.

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